Friday, February 1, 2013

Woven Garment Tags

For those who sell garments, accessories, or any wearable item, I just received a box of beautiful woven logo tags from an overseas Etsy shop: worldsalelabel

The price was very reasonable, $55.00 for 300 woven tags. I thought I would have to wait a long time but they came in only 2 weeks!! They are very high quality and you can choose two colours. I only got text but you can upload logos and choose more premium options. The order was very smooth, you send them your shop/brand name and a customer service rep emails you back and forth to discuss dimensions and colours and sizing. They will even send you a proof of the final design before they send the label to production.
Oh, and not to mention the shipping is FREE!

I'm very happy with these labels and now I just have to learn to use my mini sewing machine to label all the items in my shop!

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  1. Those look great. Thank you for sharing with us on the google plus group. I love the pink and gray.


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