Monday, March 25, 2013

Brooches be crazy

Crochet flower brooches - embellish away!

Since it is spring now (or trying very hard to be!), I have been racking my brain for cute but wearable items. I had some ideas for loose and airy scarves...but then I started making flower brooches and they seemed to take over. They are such quick projects but always so elegant. I have been playing around with different sizes of hooks and numbers of stitches to make them a little different from each other.

I also make my own fabric covered buttons so I've been raking through them and creating some cute color combos. It's addictive. I added a latchback pin to the rear and a brooch party was formed!

What colors are your favorite?
Personally, I think the yellow with polka-dot cloth button is the most adorable.

You can buy any one of them on sale at my Etsy shop.

Grey Flower Brooch with Rhinestone Button

Taupe flower brooch with metal button (this was made with Alpaca yarn)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Trinity Braided Cowl

Here is my latest creation: the Trinity Braided Cowl, a new favourite.
I think it would work for both Spring and Winter as it's light and breathable.

I'm working on other colors and yarn types too.

See it here in my shop.


Named after the historic and beautiful Trinity Church located in what's now the Financial District in Manhattan, this braided crochet cowl has just as much character. The first Trinity Church, built in a gothic rectangular shape was constructed in 1698. The original building was burnt down in a massive fire. The second Trinity Church was torn down due to immense wreckage from snow. And today's third version of the church is still in use as a parish. Unlike its namesake, this cowl is made strong by its three strands of braided crochet to form a strong and resistant cowl!

 Trinity Parish in Manhattan, NYC.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Navy Blue Headband - custom order!

I received a custom order to transform one of my previously listed cable headbands into an ultimate adorable accessory. She wanted a navy blue band, which I was glad to have on hand. It took me a while to remember  what hook size I used but I ended up using a J hook and triple crochet cables to generate the chunky braided cable look.

I also make fabric covered buttons so my customer requested a couple of those to go onto her headband. Along with the crochet cable work, this headband turned out really cute!
I think we will see more of this fabric covered button + cable headband combo in the near future. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

crochet cable headband

Monday, March 4, 2013

Crochet Infinity Scarves

Vivienne Burgundy infinity scarf

How to crochet infinity scarves:
Worked in rounds, upwards.
Ch the number needed to achieve desired circumference. This depends on how many "wraps" you want for your scarf. I usually ch around 140 or 150.
Join ch, careful not to twist.
Work stitches (hdc, sc, or dc) across and you can join at the end of each round with a slip stitch, or just continue around in a spiral for a seamless loop.
Join at the end of the last round (# rounds depend on desired width).

I'm finding that I am really fad-functional. This means that I usually get into something and that something consumes my attention for a while, until I move onto the next fad.
As of late, even with spring just around the corner, I have been really feeling the whole infinity scarf thing. They are just so lovely and versatile. Not to mention they are really appealing in photographs. 

An infinity scarf is just a scarf that is connected into a circle. I think they are appealing because they don't have any detestable ends sticking out in nether-regions. It's a nice finish all around. Also, I think because it's much easier to wrap around one's neck than a standard rectangular long scarf. 

So, here are a few I've just finished making and posted in my Etsy shop.