Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Buttons, buttons, buttons!!!

I just received a large shipment of wooden buttons to finish off my crochet fashions!!
I'm so excited because they are so stylish and the possibilities are endless.
I'm really into HUGE oversized buttons right now. They just look so trendy on a cowl, headband, or hat.

Here is a photo of what came in the mail today:

There are 30mm diameter ones and also some 40mm ones. I'm going on the hunt for even LARGER buttons now.

Aren't they so beautiful??

Aside from wooden buttons, I am also obsessed with fabric-covered buttons because for some pieces, they are just so glamorous and "cute as a button" (puntacular, I know). I started making them myself and now I can style buttons to go with the shades of yarn I'm using!

Here are some fabric-covered buttons I have made and are now featured in my shop:

Which ones are your favourites?!

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